Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Alicia Johnston

Name:             Alicia Marie Johnston
Age:                19
Height:            5’ 3”
Weight:           114lbs (51.7kg)
Eyes:               light brown
Hair:               dirty blonde with streaks of black feathers
Title:               None at this time


David Johnston met Marie Whitcombe in elementary school and was instantly smitten. A pretty little girl with pale blonde hair, Marie was sweet, fun, and totally enchanting to the eight year old. His opinion never wavered as they grew from playmates on the schoolyard to classmates in high school. He watched the young girl flit from boyfriend to boyfriend, never staying with anyone for long and always looking just a little more desperate with each breakup.  They were in their junior year when he finally dredged up the nerve to ask her to dance and was elated when she agreed. They talked as they danced and discovered they had so much more in common than simply going to the same school. Within a week, they were actively dating.

The couple was inseparable that year and their friends teased them by humming the wedding march whenever they walked down the school halls. Marie’s family made little comment on her new boyfriend. Her mother was a self-absorbed narcissist who flitted from one affair to another in an effort to recapture the eye of her workaholic husband. Her father spent more time at the office than at home, even on weekends, due to a succession of young and curvy secretaries. Their daughter was often forgotten as they sought their pleasure and purpose away from the house and she acted out by seeking the attention she craved from her parents from her friends and boyfriends. David had been unlike the boys she’d dated who’d only wanted her because she was quickly gaining the reputation of being ‘easy.’ He’d actually understood.

David’s parents weren’t as thrilled with their relationship as he could have hoped. His mother, a production line worker at the local textile mill, wanted more for her son than could be found in their small town. His father, a construction worker, encouraged him to take what Marie so obviously passed around and then drop her when it was time to look towards the future. Both of his parents had been saving for him to go to college and their plans didn’t include what they so eloquently called ‘the school whore.’ When Marie discovered she was pregnant during their summer break, David’s parents offered to pay for her abortion. It caused a huge argument and he didn’t speak with either of them for several years.

Marie’s family allowed the young couple to stay with them until David graduated. She had quit school to deliver and then raise her child. David worked after school with several construction companies until he signed on with the largest company in town. He worked for them, moving up from part-time to full-time and even into lower management until they were able to purchase a small house at the edge of the more questionable side of town. They live there happily until his demonic nature began manifesting.

Little Alicia was the center of her parents’ universe. Marie had been determined not to ignore her child as she’d been ignored while David was enchanted at such a tiny mirror of his beloved wife. She grew to be a bright child, testing well on her preschool exams, and was super excited about going to school like all the older children in their neighborhood. Somewhat stifled by her mother’s attention, she adored the time spent with her father the best and had extracted from him a promise to take her to school on her very first day. He swore that not even an alien invasion could stop him from being there. The young man was ultimately forced to break his promise.

Her father left the family just before she was to enter kindergarten. Unknown to Alicia or her mother, David Johnston had begun to manifest demon characteristics and left for fear he’d hurt his family. Her mother was unable to handle his abandonment returned to the destructive behavior of her youth and drifted from one bad relationship to another. Some of the men ignored her young daughter; some paid her too much attention. Marie either did not notice or chose to ignore the inappropriate behavior of Alicia’s “uncles” and the girl learned early to avoid the many men in her mother’s life.

When Alicia’s mother met Markus Andrealphus, he seemed the answer to both their prayers. He was sweet to Alicia without being creepy and loving and attentive to Marie. He listened to their troubles, offered help where he could, and refused to allow Marie to self-destruct any further by sabotaging the relationship. After six months, he convinced her to marry him. That’s when everything changed for the worse.

The moment he had the two women in his house and under his control, he changed. No longer the loving spouse and step-father, Markus became dictatorial and abusive – both physically and emotionally. He kept Marie in line with threats against her daughter, limited access to contact with those outside her husband’s circle of friends, and ‘discipline.’ Within a year of their marriage, relaxing weekends with the family had evolved into lascivious orgies with Marie as the party favor. She was passed from one man to another, unable to refuse or risk a whipping in front of them all, and treated worse than the cheapest whore.

Alicia had just turned seventeen the first time she was forced to attend. Markus came into her room, stripped her naked, attached a collar and leash to her neck, and led her into the party. The men were allowed to touch her and she was whipped if she attempted to refuse them; but the worst of them all was her stepfather. Markus tied her into a chair so that she could watch the ‘fun’ – namely, her mother service three of his friends at once. As her moans and cries of both passion and pain rang through the room, her step-father fondled and caressed her untouched body. His fingers and tongue skillfully played over her erogenous zones and brought her to her first orgasm. Those in the room who weren’t involved with her mother cheered Markus for finding such a responsive slut. Alicia was humiliated.

The months that followed contained more of the same. He threatened to kill them both if she told anyone at school what was going on and she believed him. Markus climbed into her bed every night and forced some new violation on her – whether it was teaching her how to give the perfect blowjob or bringing her to another of those humiliating orgasms, he let her know that her body belonged to him. Her role in the parties, however, never changed nor did she ever lose her virginity. As her birthday approached, her step-father let her know all that would change. She fled just before she turned eighteen.

Alicia masqueraded as a boy and hitchhiked her way north feeling that a large city would help her disappear more than her small southern one. She managed to panhandle for coins or do odd jobs to survive for about six months. Then the economy took a downward turn and people were less generous with their change. That’s when she started stealing to supplement her meager income. She’d gotten fairly skilled at basic pick-pocketing which led her to the club the night she met Francisco. Her fingers were on his wallet when the Colonel’s men attacked.

Alicia dismissed her actions with the children as being born of necessity.  She claimed that safety in numbers was all that enticed her to remain and aid the wounded vampire escort the young ones to safety. Her actions in saving the life of the young she-wolf cub resulted in a near-fatal wound. She only survived due to the tireless work of the Arbiter’s elven healers and a few drops of vampire blood from her new friend, Francisco.

As she recovered, she met the vampire who stirred her heart and lusts and made something dark and shadowy inside her crave more. Blake Simons, an Investigator for the vampire council and wealthy business owner, had arrived to speak to the local Council Chairperson and caught her enticing scent. He was handsome, smooth, arrogant, and not human…and reminded Alicia far too much of her step-father for her peace of mind.

She’s tried to deny their connection but, after six centuries of seeking his mate, Blake isn’t about to let her go. Alicia’s not sure she wants him to.

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