Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet Devereux Armentage - Councilman

Name:             Devereux Armentage
Age:                245 (human: 1767 – 1788 vampire: 1788 – present)
Height:            5’11”
Weight:           175lbs (79.4kg)
Eyes:               Pale Blue
Hair:               Dark Brown
Title:               Councilman for the North Eastern US Vampire Council representing the state of


Devereux François-Michel Armentage, Vicomte de Rouen, was the eldest son of the Michel Jean-François Armentage, Comte de Rouen, and Marguerite Isabeau Armentage nee Devereux, Comtesse de Rouen. His upbringing, like many children of noble parents, was relegated to a succession of nannies and tutors with little interaction with his birth parents unless he participated in some mischief that required discipline. In his quest for attention, his antics grew until his father sent him away to boarding school.

His first years at the prestigious Collège de Sorbonne were unmitigated hell. As a fresh young lad straight from the smaller viscounty of Rouen, Devereux was adventurous and gullible – a dangerous combination in the cutthroat halls of the university. The hazing by the older students often left the nobleman beaten, humiliated, and broke. Two long years passed before things began to improve.

His relief came in the form of a middle-aged professor of Greek Literature. The instructor took the lad under his wing, tutored him in those few subjects his phenomenal memory was of little aid, and eventually schooled him in the art of love and passion. Devereux had dallied with many a maid by this point but his experiences all paled beneath the intense pleasure he received from his teacher’s hands, lips, and thrusting manhood. The pair experimented with all sorts of hedonistic pleasures and often brought a third or even fourth eager participant into their bed – be it male or female.

Though he reveled in the decadence of his instructor’s bed (and office, and the classroom after hours, and the hedge maze…), he was called home once the unrest that would become the Revolution began. His father, brothers, and Devereux packed their most precious heirlooms, secured the house, and began the journey to Le Havre to procure passage to England…and safety. Their plans were foiled just outside the port city, however, when their carriage was set upon by bandits preying upon fleeing nobility. When the dust settled and the bandits’ had faded into the wooded countryside, the Armentage family was either dead or dying and their heirlooms destined for the auction house or pawnshops.

Of all the things Devereux can remember with his eidetic memory, the three years that span the date his family left their estate to the date he made his first kill as a vampire remain a black smear in his mind. He has no memory of leaving the scene of his family’s slaughter. He has no memory of the vampire who brought him over. He has no memory beyond a faint impression of blood and death and terror. 

Most days he prefers it that way.

Since then, Devereux has created the persona of the hedonistic ne’er-do-well and lived it to its fullest. He is rarely seen without at least one lover of either sex, though most of the time he prefers couples. His mode of dress is flamboyant, a mix of eighteenth century decadence and new age bohemia, and goes far in hiding his inner torment. Underneath the studied ennui, however, is a backbone of steel and an unswerving loyalty to those he deems a friend.

(The picture is "Ezequiel" by Victoria FrancésHer work is amazingly good and I encourage everyone to go and drool.)

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