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Meet Urúvion Lithsumé - The Arbiter

World:            The Other Half, There's a Fine Line

Name:             Urúvion Lithsumé
Age:                4158 years
Height:            5’ 11”
Weight:           175 lbs (79kg)
Eyes:               Changing – depending on the magic he is currently channeling, Urúvion’s eyes can
                       range from the dark green of the deep forest to the pale blue of an ice floe to the
                       blood red of the darkest crimson. When he’s not actively manipulating magic,
                       however, they are a pale blue.
Hair:               Silvery-white
Title:               King of Kedaunnor, the Arbiter, King of Kings


Urúvion Lithsumé was born in the fae lands of Kedaunnor to His Royal Majesty, King Eirdaran, and Raina, His Beloved Queen. As a child, Urúvion showed great talent for magic – mastering each school with ease. By the time he was a mere seventy five years of age, it was clear he could no longer advance under the teachings of even the best royal tutors. King Eirdaran petitioned his son to be tested and, as a result, he became the youngest elf admitted to the prestigious Malvarin Academy of Mystical Arts.

The young prince spent more than two thousand years at Malvarin, returning to Kedaunnor only for important celebrations or royal events: the Second Millennia Celebration of his father’s reign; the marriage of his younger brother, Randdur; and the birth of his sister, Talaima. He spent centuries perfecting one school of magic only to be drawn by another that he would then strive to master. He became adept at both altering existing spells as well as eschewing the necessary materials most needed. Many of the other students, and some professors, regarded him with awe. He would be the greatest shaman ever to pass through the Academy doors. But, though he enjoyed mastering his craft, he missed his family and his kingdom. Upon his graduation from the final school, the prince refused an offer to aid in magical research and returned home.

Unfortunately, Kedaunnor was no longer as calm and peaceful as it had once been. Shortly after the birth of Urúvion’s sister, The Queen Matriarch of the neighboring kingdom of Voorhiven had proposed uniting the two powerful nations by wedding her eldest son to the Kedaunnor princess. Eirdaran had tentatively agreed with a few changes: he would only agree to allow the Prince court his daughter as he refused to wed her to a stranger without her agreement and the entire contract was null should she find her true mate. The Queen wasn’t happy with the changes but agreed; few found their mates within their first millennia and, once the two were wed and had produced an heir, Talaima could enjoy as many lovers as she wanted. Her plans were thwarted when Talaima informed the royal family of Voorhiven that, though she was greatly honored by their offer, she had recently found her soul’s mate in the ruling noble of Lidelaas, a small Duchy on the northern border of their lands. The couple had been tested and the mating was true; the agreement was null.

After the marriage of Princess Talaima and Duke Calaion, Urúvion was called to the human lands to perform a ceremony for a friend. He’d spent his last century at the Academy with Massena, an Ifrit Djinn, causing as much mischief as they possibly could and not get expelled. They’d formed a close bond and had missed being in the other’s company since their graduation. The elf had been overjoyed to hear that his friend had finally found his mate and honored to be asked to aid in their mating ceremony. He’d been fascinated with the human lands and spent over a hundred years exploring the world and learning the ways of its people before he received the urgent summons to come home.

Voorhiven had demanded compensation for the broken agreement, though they had no legal foundation upon which to base it, and war loomed. The only nations who’d backed the Queen Matriarch were those that bore their own personal grievances against the thriving nation. Meanwhile, the mage city-state of Malvarin sided with Kedaunnor, as did Lidelaas. The fighting began small, skirmishes to gauge strengths and weaknesses, and then all hell broke loose. Though Kedaunnor had magical might and sheer size over Voorhiven, the Queen Matriarch wasn’t bound by the rules of ethical combat or magical studies. She was a master of Death magic and used it freely and openly, much to the horror of her enemies and allies alike. If her men fell in battle, she’d raise them as mindless, shambling corpses or tormented ghosts – unleashing their thirst for vengeance upon all who stumbled across their paths.

In the face of such horror, Kedaunnor was forced into a controlled retreat.

Two hundred years into the war, an unexpected ally joined the besieged nation in the forms of Massena and his mate, Metucosa. Their son had retreated to the soothing flame of his primordial element following the death of his human wife and they had come seeking wisdom and assistance from their friend. What they found was a nation on the verge of succumbing to the evil forces of the Voorhiven Queen. The djinni, along with a select force of Malvarin shaman, fought tirelessly to turn the tide of the war. As a First, Massena’s Ifrit power was beyond formidable and it had been enhanced by his magical teachings at the Academy. In less than a decade, the Queen Matriarch had been captured, her undead army destroyed, and peace returned to the fey lands.

After the Queen’s trial and subsequent execution, King Eirdaran wished only for peace and abdicated his throne to his eldest son. The folk of Kedaunnor welcomed their savior as their king while the surrounding nations viewed him with suspicion. Conquering heroes tended to continue to conquer; however, Urúvion’s open and friendly manner, his unmatched magical skills, and shrewd political maneuvering soon put the others more at ease. His skills were such that soon he took on the role, and then the title, of Arbiter - an honorary title that few had held before him. None had ever been so young nor so successful. A time of peace and prosperity rose in the kingdom that soon touched all those surrounding it like the ripples on a lake. 

When the humans began yet another war, this one with potentially catastrophic consequences, Urúvion had been the natural choice to work with the other nonhumans. The rulers for each fae nation gathered and decided that a single voice would be better than sending dozens or more of their people into the human world. In order to give that voice the power to make decisions on their behalf, they created the position of King of Kings. - someone who knew their ways and would act in the best interests of their people. Once more, the King of Kedaunnor seemed the logical choice. Fascinated still by the human world, Urúvion agreed and never once regretted his decision.

Privately, however, his life wasn’t as fulfilling. He’d lost his closest friends with the deaths of Massena and Metucosa but found a greater one in their son, Micipsa. He’d wed a beautiful young dryad that, though she wasn’t his true mate, he’d loved dearly and with all his heart. After the birth of their second son, she’d disappeared into the forest to merge once more with her parent tree. She returned from time to time to check on her children but could no longer remain by his side.

The final blow to his happiness and peace of mind was when his true mate joined the Royal Guard. He’d never revealed to another living soul that he’d found his mate at a young age. The fae were an irreverent, joyful bunch but, in many ways, quite traditional when it came to the royal families. Urúvion’s mate made his soul rejoice, brought him happiness he’d never before known, and challenged him to be a better king and elf, but didn’t fit into the accepted role of the King’s Consort. Having just found peace after a horrific war, the young king feared what such a revelation would do to his world; and so, with a heavy heart, he’d suppressed the mating pull and denied himself the other half of his soul. 

(Edited with credit info on pic below- The picture I'm using for Urúvion is by kerembeyit and all rights and copyrights are property of the artist. I claim nothing other than he's a hottie!)

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